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Product Launch

Audit & Identify Quick Wins

We'll delve into the current state of your organization, gather insight from stakeholders, evaluate your marketing technology suite, and investigate existing funnels for potential obstacles.

Market & Persona Mapping

We'll conduct a thorough analysis of the market competition and formulate detailed persona mapping. This will help us understand the market demand, identify potential challenges, and effectively position the new product or service. 

Launch Creation Strategy

We'll create a compelling marketing strategy to promote the new product or service. The strategy will consist of a soft launch as well as a long GTM strategy through defining the target audience, crafting the key messaging and selecting the most effective marketing channels.

Organizational Preparation

We'll prepare your organization for the launch. This could involve training staff, hiring new employees, or adjusting internal processes.

Post-Launch Monitoring

We'll monitor the performance of the growth levers after the launch. This will help us understand its impact on the market, identify areas for improvement, and make necessary adjustments.

Customer Engagement & Feedback

After the product or service launch, we'll actively engage with customers to gather their feedback. This will involve monitoring social media, conducting surveys, and setting up channels for customers to share their experiences and suggestions.