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New Audience

Audit & Identify Quick Wins​

We conduct an audit of the present state to identify easy fixes and areas of immediate impact. We gather insight from the data while evaluating your current marketing technology suite and identifying opportunities for optimization and improvement. Our team investigates existing funnels and obstacles to customer acquisition and retention to ensure a smooth customer journey.

Market Research

At RiteGTM, we champion diversity and its ability to enrich our comprehensive suite of solutions. We're constantly on the lookout for dynamic vendors across various Go-To-Market (GTM) disciplines such as sales, marketing, and customer support.

Go-To-Market Strategy & Development

Based on the insights from our research, we'll develop a tailored go-to-market strategy. This will include defining the value proposition, key messaging, and the most effective channels to reach the new audience. The strategy will include a soft launch as well as a longer-term GTM strategy.

Sales Alignment

We'll align or introduce suitable sales reps who understand the new audience and can effectively communicate the value proposition. This may involve training existing reps or hiring new ones.

Resource Allocation

We'll allocate the necessary resources to support the new audience. This could include budget for marketing campaigns, technology for customer support, or personnel for customer service.

Continuous Refinement

We'll continuously refine our approach based on market feedback and performance data. This will ensure that we're effectively reaching the new market segment and meeting the needs of the new audience.