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We appreciate the individuality of every business; hence our approach is  tailored to your distinct requirements. Although our strategy may alter depending on your firm’s stage, size, and needs, the endgame remains the same: devising and actualizing a compelling and audacious go-to-market strategy.

Elevate Your Go-To-Market Strategy

As we look to the future, RiteGTM is committed to leveraging Rick’s rich experience and our vast network of GTM leaders to benefit founders and tech entrepreneurs. We’re here to guide you in your quest to expand your company globally, ensuring you’re equipped with the best strategies, insights, and tools to succeed.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your venture to the next level, RiteGTM is here to guide you every step of the way. Let’s embark on this journey together.


Our mission is to empower tech businesses with unparalleled go-to-market strategies, drawing from a decade of industry mastery. We aim to simplify the GTM process, ensuring that every venture, regardless of its size or sector, can navigate the complexities of sustainable growth global expansion with confidence and precision.


Our vision is to be the global beacon for go-to-market excellence. As the tech landscape continues to evolve, we envision a world where every GTM leader, backed by RiteGTM's expertise, can seamlessly introduce their innovations to the world, fostering growth, collaboration, and sustainable success.

Our Founder's Journey

Rick embarked on his technology career journey in 2012, and it’s been nothing short of exhilarating. Over the past decade, he’s been a pivotal force behind numerous tech companies spanning diverse sectors, from the virtual worlds of eCommerce infrastructure to the transformative realms of blockchain and foodservice. Whether it soared to success or faced challenges, each venture added a chapter to Rick’s rich tapestry of experience.

From the virtual shopping realms of Yogurtistan to the mobile loyalty innovations of Shopamanai, from the mobile ad network transformations of mobilike to the community-building efforts of Fuckup Nights, Rick’s journey has been marked by innovation, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to growth. 

His fellowship with global business magnate Terry Matthews was a testament to his prowess, gaining invaluable insights from one of the industry’s best. Ventures like CreatorDen and Omneky showcased Rick’s foresight into the future of tech, while his role at Securly and ArrowStream highlighted his ability to drive growth in established tech enterprises.

The Culmination of a Decade of Tech Mastery

RiteGTM is not just another consultancy in the vast sea of San Francisco’s tech landscape. It’s the embodiment of over a decade of hands-on experience, a vast network of GTM leaders, and a deep understanding of the tech industry’s intricacies. 

Guiding Principles: Lessons from Our Fellowship with Terry Matthews​

Our strategy for sustainable, long-term business growth is deeply influenced by a 6-week fellowship that our Founder, Rick Koleta, undertook with Terry Matthews. As the world’s first Welsh billionaire and a revered super angel investor, Matthews offered unparalleled wisdom in equity distribution, employee recognition, and creating win-win investment scenarios. These principles have been translated into RiteGTM’s approach, where we emphasize employee ownership, foster a culture of recognition, and build relationships based on mutual respect and shared success.

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Meet The Team

Rick Koleta
Founder & CEO

Accelerating B2B growth with full-stack marketing leadership.

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Jojo Lin
Marketing & Operations

Crafting engaging experiences through innovative email campaigns.

Jay Lee
Web & Graphic Design

Transforming ideas into visually striking narratives with creative flair.

Emilie (Daye) Whitewolf
Emilie Whitewolf
Web Design & Development

Crafting captivating digital experiences through innovative design and code.