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Persana AI's Breakthrough

Revolutionizing Data Enrichment & AI Workflow Automation through Strategic Event Series

Orchestrated a series of three events that successfully launched the Persana AI platform
1 Event Series
generating over 200 leads through strategic event marketing
100 + Leads


Data Enrichment, AI Workflow Automation


Small and Medium Sized Businesses (SMBs)


Product Launch

“The partnership with RiteGTM, particularly through the series of co-hosted events, was a strategic move designed to not only unveil our platform but to also deeply engage with our target audience of SMBs, fostering a community around our innovative solutions. The overwhelming response and engagement from the community, especially observed through the virality on LinkedIn, surpassed our expectations and underscored the effectiveness of combining innovative technology with targeted, community-centric marketing strategies. This collaboration has been a pivotal chapter in our mission at Persana AI, demonstrating our commitment to empowering SMBs with cutting-edge data and AI capabilities, thereby driving efficiency, insight, and growth in their sales processes.”

Rush Shahani

Co-founder & CTO, Persana AI


Persana AI, a dynamic newcomer backed by Y Combinator with over $2M in funding, faced the formidable task of launching its platform in the competitive landscape of Data Enrichment & AI Workflow Automations. The primary objective was to gain market traction, generate new leads, and enhance brand visibility in a sector where visibility and user engagement are pivotal.

GTM Motions

The events’ viral impact, amplified by co-branded content and social media marketing efforts, was instrumental in broadening Persana AI’s visibility and drawing in fresh leads.

Persana AI leveraged these events for updates and community building, successfully nurturing a dedicated base, boosting brand recognition, and generating leads.

Foster a loyal user base and evangelists for your product by building a vibrant, engaged community. This motion is key to creating lasting brand loyalty and a self-sustaining source of user acquisition.

Strategy and Implementation

Positioning and Messaging Framework

Persana AI was positioned as a game-changer in AI workflow automations for sales, offering SMBs unparalleled efficiency and insights.

Through its series of collaborative events, Persana AI successfully engaged with its target audience, offering tangible insights into its platform’s capabilities and fostering a strong sense of community among users.

The event series was not just about showcasing the product but also about creating an immersive experience that highlighted Persana AI’s value proposition, directly contributing to lead generation and community building.

The co-branded materials served as a powerful tool for Persana AI, ensuring that the brand was visually present in every aspect of the event, thereby maximizing its reach and impact.

Strategic Funding and Market Positioning

With significant backing from Y Combinator and over $2M raised, Persana AI’s strong financial foundation and prestigious backing provided it with a solid launchpad for its market entry efforts.

Through a well-orchestrated series of events and strategic marketing efforts, Persana AI carved a niche for itself in the AI workflow automation space, setting a new benchmark for how products in this domain can gain traction and build community engagement.

Milestone in Persana AI's Journey​

The strategic collaboration with RiteGTM for the event series propelled Persana AI into the spotlight, significantly increasing its brand reach and generating valuable leads amongst SMBs, thus laying a strong foundation for future growth in the AI sales automation industry.


Persana AI’s strategic foray into the Data Enrichment & AI workflow automation sector, leveraging a event-led and community-focused go-to-market strategy, exemplifies a forward-thinking approach to product launches. This initiative, supported by RiteGTM’s expertise in orchestrating impactful events, not only facilitated Persana AI’s entry into the market but also established it as a noteworthy contender in the AI automation space for sales. The synergy between strategic event planning, community engagement, and targeted content distribution proved instrumental in expanding Persana AI’s brand reach, generating new leads, and fostering a robust community of SMBs interested in AI-driven solutions.

This collaboration between Persana AI and RiteGTM highlights the importance of innovative, multi-channel strategies in launching and scaling tech products. By creating meaningful connections with their target audience through co-hosted events and leveraging the virality of social platforms like LinkedIn, Persana AI has set a new standard for how tech startups can achieve visibility, engage with potential customers, and build momentum in highly competitive markets. Their journey from product launch to market presence serves as an inspiring model for similar ventures, emphasizing the power of strategic partnerships, community building, and event marketing in achieving sustainable growth and industry recognition.