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Kaiser Permanente's School of Allied Sciences​

Accelerating Educational Outreach through Marketing-Led Strategies

Utilized performance ads across Meta and Google platforms to generate over 100 leads, highlighting the power of digital advertising in healthcare.
Generate over 1 Leads


Healthcare Education​


Prospective Students Interested in Allied Health Programs​


New Audience​


In an increasingly competitive educational landscape, Kaiser Permanente’s School of Allied Sciences aimed to set itself apart by introducing new, specialized educational programs. They needed to raise awareness of these programs and generate quality leads of students genuinely interested in enrolling.

GTM Motions

Creative advertising and focused campaigns on Google and Meta platforms were crucial to the course launch, serving as the key drivers for generating interest and leads for new courses.

Strategy and Implementation

Positioning and Messaging Framework

Rigorous data enrichment and market research were performed to understand potential students’ needs, aspirations, and preferences.

We created compelling messaging and positioning strategies to resonate with the student audience, placing emphasis on unique program offerings and the quality of education

Holistic Engagement Strategy

Ad campaigns were developed and deployed across Google AdWords and LinkedIn platforms, focusing on design aesthetics and resonant messaging.

Advanced targeting techniques were employed to reduce the cost-per-click (CPC) on both LinkedIn and Google campaigns.

The marketing-led approach focused on capturing student leads interested in new courses, setting the stage for future interactions and enrollments.

Empowering Admissions Team

The generated leads were shared with the admissions team, aiding them in converting interested students into enrolled ones.

Weekly meetings were conducted to assess the performance and make data-driven decisions on optimizing the existing campaigns for better results.

Real-time analytics were tracked to measure the effectiveness of the campaigns, providing actionable insights for iterative improvement.

Milestone in Kaiser's Journey​

With RiteGTM’s strategies, Kaiser Permanente started generating an average of 90 quality leads per week from students interested in their new programs. The campaigns significantly increased the brand’s awareness among the targeted student community.


The collaboration between Kaiser Permanente’s School of Allied Sciences and RiteGTM marked a significant turning point in the school’s educational outreach efforts. With an average of 90 leads generated per week, the tailored, data-driven, and inbound-led strategies elevated their brand and paved the way for the successful launch of their new educational programs. This case study demonstrates the efficacy of specialized go-to-market strategies in a nuanced field like healthcare education, and it serves as an exemplary model for institutions looking to grow in a competitive market.