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Zomes' Evolution​

Hand Crafted, Earth-Friendly Bioceramic Domes for Sustainable Living

With Notable Increases in Site Visit Duration and Decreases in Bounce Rate

Led a successful product launch and significantly improved website engagement, setting a benchmark for strategic growth in the eco-conscious sector with notable increases in site visit duration and decreases in bounce rate


Eco-Friendly Building Structures​


Environmental Enthusiasts, Outdoor Lifestyle Communities​


Product Launch


In an industry focused on sustainability and innovation, Zomes faced the task of launching its unique bioceramic domes. The need was to understand the younger demographic’s perception of the brand to best position the launch of its new website and the product itself.

GTM Motions

Through in-depth market research, website optimization, and the development of engaging content, we significantly boosted customer attraction and engagement.

By strategically engaging with environmentally conscious communities and influencers, we successfully introduced the brand and heightened its visibility.

Strategy and Implementation

Positioning and Messaging Framework

Extensive surveys were conducted, specifically targeting college students, to understand Zomes’ product and brand perception.

Highlighting Zomes’ bioceramic domes as unbreakable, maintenance-free, and enduring for up to 500 years, differentiating from traditional building structures.

Holistic Engagement Strategy

Conducting surveys to understand buyer personas and build a website resonating with the target audience.

Designing a new website that not only showcased the product but also enhanced user experience.

Crafting engaging content that highlighted the unique aspects of Zomes and its commitment to sustainability.

Leveraging platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn to spread awareness and connect with environmentally conscious communities.

Developing and managing creative advertising campaigns across Facebook and Instagram to generate web traffic and leads.

Empowering Sales Team

Using survey results to develop tailored marketing and sales strategies that resonated with potential customers.

Regular reviews and iterations based on consumer feedback and website analytics to optimize sales and marketing efforts.

Milestone in Zomes' Journey​

Zomes’ careful planning and execution resulted in a successful product launch and a growing number of sales forms submitted on the new website.In just four months, we assisted Zomes in understanding its target audience, resulting in a 77% increase in average time spent on site and a 32% decrease in bounce rate.The research-driven approach has laid a solid foundation for continuous sales and customer engagement growth, signaling a promising future for Zomes.


Zomes’ journey is marked by innovative thinking, a commitment to sustainability, and a strategic approach to understanding and engaging its target audience. The successful launch of its bioceramic domes and a new website reflects Zomes’ ability to combine traditional wisdom with modern insights. The case is a testament to the importance of thorough research, customer-centric planning, and agile execution, presenting a roadmap for organizations seeking to innovate and grow within an increasingly eco-conscious market.