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Lumeos's Product Launch ​

Revolutionizing surveys through blockchain

Drove the "Survey Monkey on the blockchain" to achieve 10,000 downloads, showcasing effective product positioning and market penetration.




Retail Investors and Crypto Companies​


Product Launch, Audience Launch​

I had the opportunity to work directly with Rick at Lumeos, where he excelled in marketing leadership. Rick’s standout qualities include effective communication, ensuring team inclusivity, and a deep commitment to his work. His efforts were instrumental in generating over 8,000 email leads in just a few months, showcasing his result-driven approach. I highly value the experience of working with him and look forward to future collaborations.

Mike Lin​



For Lumeos, the significant challenge was persuading retail investors to actively use their app, crucial for their aspiration of targeting crypto companies for valuable market insights.

GTM Motions

Gathered and shared product usage insights leading to the implementation of key features, including social sharing and a referral program.

Created and circulated content, PR, and social media to entice demand from retail investors and crypto companies.

Built emailing lists and coordinated personalized email marketing campaigns, generating thousands of downloads from retail investors.

By frequently attending and engaging in various events, we directly interacted with retail and institutional investors, significantly broadening our brand awareness.

Influencer marketing played a pivotal role in developing Lumeos’s initial base of evangelists and enhancing brand recognition. Telegram emerged as a key platform for fostering community engagement, solidifying the brand’s foundation.

Partnership strategies, notably with Crypto Exchanges, were crucial for distributing the Lumeos token and enhancing its credibility. Additional collaborations with crypto entities strengthened Lumeos’s ecosystem presence and supported co-marketing efforts.

Strategy and Implementation

Partnerships, Research, and Product Innovation

Ascending to the top 10 Apps worldwide, Lumeos displayed its robust potential and adaptability.

Strategic alliances with Crypto Exchanges and other Blockchain companies carved a unique brand identity, setting the stage to cross-sell to their audiences.

Before launching strategies, we delved into comprehensive market research. By understanding the retail investor persona and crypto company persona, we tailored their offerings to these audiences’ specific needs and desires. Furthermore, competitive research granted them insights into the nuances of the crypto landscape, ensuring their product and strategies stood out.

Tracking user engagement through product analytics was vital. Insights drawn from user behaviors significantly informed product modifications, making the app more user-friendly and bolstering engagement. Under Product-Led growth, features like the social share button for poll results were introduced. This improved app virality and seamlessly integrated with users’ existing social behaviors. Another strategic move was the introduction of a referral system, allowing users to invite friends in exchange for Lumeos currency. This product-led incentive not only drove user acquisition but amplified engagement.

Positioning and Messaging Framework

Producing content that resonated and a strong media image.

Amplifying brand reach and investor relations through blockchain and tech events.

A pivotal tool, weekly list growth and consistent communication drove engagement and conversions.

Telegram stood out as a community cultivation channel, catering to an audience seeking anonymity. It was the hub for community interactions and vital updates. Influencer marketing also played a pivotal role in promoting Lumeos, drawing a considerable number of retail investors to our Telegram channel. Working in tandem with influencers was a central facet of our Community-led growth motion, and our early evangelists played a significant part in Lumeos’s meteoric rise.

Partnerships with influential blockchain entities massively elevated the brand’s reach and app downloads. Getting mentioned on a partner’s social media helped get our brand in front of new audiences. 

Focusing on parents in affluent neighborhoods using zip codes was key in promoting our direct-to-consumer Hub offering.

Our active participation in Google Forums with Technology Superintendents helped us grasp the intricacies of their professional challenges and fostered a tight-knit online community. This community-driven approach immensely contributed to our positive NPS scores, indicating higher customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Our investment in automation was pivotal for our email marketing campaigns. By ensuring consistent and tailored communication, these campaigns became instrumental in generating a steady and reliable sales pipeline, driving both engagement and conversion.

 Utilizing geo-detection, we dynamically showcased logos of nearby customer schools on our landing pages. This tailored approach boosted trust and familiarity, leading to higher demo scheduling rates.

To enhance customer relationships, we rolled out a referral program that was manual at first with a $20 Amazon gift card and then we worked with Referral Sasquatch to automate it. This allowed us to identify and strengthen ties with our most active customers. Simultaneously, insights into less satisfied customers were relayed to the CRO, ensuring prompt action by our customer support team.

Milestone in Lumeos's Journey​

Graduating from the renowned Helix accelerator in Hong Kong showcased their clout in the blockchain realm.


Lumeos’ trajectory showcases the sheer potential of thorough market research, product analytics, and multifaceted growth strategies. Their legacy is a tapestry of strategic partnerships, innovative product features, and an unwavering commitment to understanding and catering to their audience. Lumeos etched its mark as a pioneering force in an ever-evolving crypto landscape driven by data, strategy, and community engagement.