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Kailash Concepts' Transformation

A Holistic Approach to Growth in Behavioral Finance and Portfolio Strategy


Behavioral Finance, Portfolio Strategy, and Quantamental Tool Kits


Institutional funds transitioning to younger retail investors


Audience Launch

Working with Rick and his team was a seamless and transformative experience for us at Kailash Concepts. Their expertise was crucial in transitioning our business from traditional B2B pricing to a SaaS model. The process, guided by Rick’s knowledgeable and strategic approach, was smooth and efficient, allowing us to make the shift with confidence and ease.

Jim Rocchio

Partner of Kailash


In a rapidly evolving market where investing has become accessible to retail investors, Kailash needed to transform from an “agency” model to a “subscription” model. The challenge was to communicate their expertise to a younger demographic and accelerate growth through innovative strategies while maintaining the integrity of their data-driven analysis.

Go to Market Motions

Inbound Led


Inbound Led

Content on the subscriptions page and homepage emphasized Kailash’s value propositions, leading to higher conversion rates. Strategic email drip campaigns were employed for onboarding, nurturing, upselling, and deepening relationships with subscribers.

Strategy and Implementation

Positioning and Messaging Framework

In-depth research and analysis were carried out to understand the needs and preferences of the younger retail investors.

The homepage and subscriptions page were revamped to showcase Kailash’s key value propositions, emphasizing their independent and data-driven approach.

Positioning and Messaging Framework

Redesigning the website and optimizing CTAs to increase conversion rates were key components of the strategy.

Through a mix of paid ads, Twitter and LinkedIn followings were increased week-over-week, generating consistent traffic to the website.

Tailored email drip campaigns were implemented to onboard new users and upsell basic and premium plans, effectively nurturing leads.

The game plan encompassed various paid channels including Google Adwords, Facebook, and Twitter.

Major Business Model Pivot

Milestone in Kailash's Journey

A seminal milestone was achieved when Kailash Concepts successfully launched its subscription business model, strategically designed to cater to retail investors who are consumers (B2C). This was a significant departure from their traditional focus on serving institutional financial entities. The new subscription model not only widened their market reach but also revitalized the brand to appeal to a younger, more dynamic audience.


Kailash Concepts’ transformation journey exemplifies a forward-thinking approach to market evolution. By recognizing the emerging retail investor segment and pivoting towards a subscription model, Kailash successfully transitioned its business while preserving its core value of providing independent, data-driven analysis. Kailash achieved significant growth through a meticulously crafted strategy encompassing website optimization, social media growth, email campaigns, and performance advertising. This case serves as an inspiration for organizations looking to adapt and thrive in a changing market landscape, demonstrating the power of holistic marketing and targeted engagement.