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Fuckup Nights​

Cultivating an Entrepreneurial Culture Through Shared Experiences of Failure

Established and grew the Istanbul chapter of Fuckup Nights to become one of the top five most active globally, securing partnerships and sponsorships with leading brands.
Top 5 Most Active Globally


Professional Networking & Entrepreneurial Development​


Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders, Innovators​


Product Launch, Geographic Expansion​


As a movement dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs by sharing business failures, Fuckup Nights faced the daunting task of establishing itself in a culture often focused on success stories. This challenge was amplified by the need to simultaneously launch and manage chapters in Istanbul and San Francisco, two incredibly diverse entrepreneurial ecosystems. Additionally, there was a requirement to foster a strong community, negotiate sponsorships, and ensure consistent messaging across multiple channels.

GTM Motions

Efforts were channeled to build a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem where stories of failures were celebrated for the learning they provided. Several industry heavyweights and serial entrepreneurs participated as speakers and promoted the event to their audiences via social media.

A total of nineteen events were organized to offer a safe space for entrepreneurs to share their experiences and learn from each other. Partnerships with brands like Ray-Ban, Parisoma, and Zorlu provided the necessary financial and promotional support to ensure event success

Email marketing, physical brochures, event recordings, and content creation focused on providing value—insightful failure stories, learnings, and upcoming events—keeping the community engaged and growing. Leveraged social platforms to announce events and share takeaways, fostering an ongoing dialogue about the educational power of failure.

Strategy and Implementation

Positioning and Messaging Framework

High-quality events were the cornerstone for community building, complemented by email newsletters, blogs, and social media posts that highlighted event takeaways and speaker insights.

Conducted targeted outreach to potential sponsors whose brand values aligned with the ethos of Fuckup Nights. Negotiated contracts that were mutually beneficial.

Deployed a multi-channel approach that included storytelling across LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, sharing bite-sized lessons from the events.

Managed event logistics from venue selection to speaker coordination. Created feedback loops for continuous improvement in future events.


While the core mission remained consistent, efforts were made to tailor the language, content, and structure of events to resonate with the local entrepreneurial spirit in Istanbul and San Francisco.

Monitored key KPIs like attendance rates, email open rates, and social media engagement to continually refine marketing strategies and event formats.


Fuckup Nights serves as a compelling example of how nurturing a community-focused, multi-channel marketing approach can propel an organization into a cornerstone of entrepreneurial culture. The convergence of marketing, sales, and customer success under one revenue department is instrumental in achieving better alignment and execution. It goes without saying that understanding and embracing failure are prerequisites for innovation. Through targeted go-to-market strategies, Fuckup Nights successfully transformed the societal view of ‘failure’ into one of learning, creating an engaged community of entrepreneurs ready to innovate without the fear of stumbling.