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CreatorDen's Ascent​

A pioneering approach to influencer marketing

Founded the leading influencer marketplace and agency, achieving a $20K monthly recurring revenue and successfully raised $1M in funding.
$ 1 K MRR
Founded the leading influencer marketplace and agency, achieving a $20K monthly recurring revenue and successfully raised $1M in funding.
$ 1 M


Social Media Influencer Marketing Technology​


Influencers and Advertisers​


Product Launch

Hosting Rick during his fellowship was a pleasure. His innovative vision and strategic acumen were immediately apparent, inspiring my investment in CreatorDen. Rick didn’t just start a company; he created a whole new advertising category, leading CreatorDen to redefine digital advertising standards. His success is a testament to his foresight and execution skills.

Terry Matthews​



In the burgeoning field of influencer marketing, CreatorDen sought to carve a unique niche by connecting social media influencers with advertisers. The challenge lay in creating a dual platform that served both influencers and advertisers and positioning CreatorDen as a market leader in Turkey.

GTM Motions

Adding a referral program encouraged influencers to invite their peers significantly streamlined sharing within CreatorDen’s app, propelling its viral spread among social influencers and amplifying its growth and reach.

The publication and distribution of a physical magazine played a crucial role in generating demand from advertisers, presenting CreatorDen’s capabilities, and fostering a unique connection with agency partners.

CreatorDen’s strategic approach in identifying and targeting prospective accounts, including senior-level individuals from top brands, ensured that sales outreach efforts were precise and yielded positive results.

Customer engagement through exclusive Happy Hour events, and influencer appreciation events reinforced CreatorDen’s position as the industry leader.

We initiated a series of events named “Influencer Talks,” which significantly contributed to nurturing the influencer community and boosting initial brand awareness.

Foster a loyal user base and evangelists for your product by building a vibrant, engaged community. This motion is key to creating lasting brand loyalty and a self-sustaining source of user acquisition.

Strategy and Implementation

Positioning and Messaging Framework

CreatorDen leveraged the social media boom in 2015 to anticipate the rise of individuals as new “publishers” in social media.

CreatorDen implemented a product strategy with a mobile app for iOS and Android for influencers and a web application for advertisers, catering to both influencers and advertisers, thereby shaping the supply and demand side of the marketplace.

Holistic Engagement Strategy

This movement nurtured the influencer community and stimulated brand awareness among advertisers, strengthening the demand side of CreatorDen’s marketplace.

CreatorDen’s event-driven marketing generated significant buzz and positioned them as market leaders.

Regular VIP happy hours, customer appreciation events, and the CreatorMob Summer Program deepened ties with customers, influencers, and advertisers.

CreatorDen created and published a physical magazine sent to targeted accounts. This innovative approach not only generated interest but also helped in nurturing revenue-sharing partnerships with potential clients.

CreatorDen built lists of prospective accounts, including senior-level contacts from top brands and CEOs of companies, ensuring that marketing efforts were focused and effective.


Strategic Funding and Market Positioning

CreatorDen successfully secured $1M in venture capital from Terry Matthews, solidifying its status as a frontrunner in Turkey.

CreatorDen’s foresight and innovative approach allowed it to gain a foothold before influencer marketing became mainstream, giving it a competitive edge.

Milestone in CreatorDen's Journey​

The strategic launch of Influencer Talks, in addition to CreatorMag (the quarterly magazine publication), and quick partnerships with several top brands propelled CreatorDen to the forefront, making it the category leader in influencer marketing in Turkey.


CreatorDen’s success story is underpinned by its pioneering approach, astute anticipation of market trends, and innovative product approach with a unified strategy that encompassed both the supply and demand sides of the marketplace. The synthesis of early market entry, comprehensive engagement through Influencer Talks, CreatorMag, and targeted sales outreach catapulted CreatorDen as a market leader in Turkey. The case sets a precedent for businesses seeking to create a precedent blueprint for companies looking to develop heavily managed marketplaces.