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Mobilike's Strategic Dominance

From Market Leadership in Turkey to Acquisition by AdColony


Mobile Advertising


Publishers, Indie App Developers, Advertisers, Mobile Users


Product Launch, Geographic Expansion


Headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, Mobilike found itself in a dynamic mobile advertising environment. The company aimed to transition from initial ideation to market dominance by collaborating with the largest publishers in the MENA region and indie developers. Concurrently, a strategic focus was on extending its market presence into Romania and Greece.

Go to Market Motions

Inbound Led


Inbound Led

Tailored messaging, marketing materials, and weekly blog posts engaged targeted indie developers and large publishers.

Event Led


Event Led

Roadshows and local events showcased the SDK’s capabilities and attracted diverse potential clients.

Community Led


Community Led

Strategic partnerships facilitated a streamlined entry into Romania and Greece.

Strategy and Implementation

Alignment of Product, Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success

Developed targeted campaigns, landing pages, and case studies to nurture developer relationships, offering resources that made SDK implementation easier.

Crafted compelling corporate and sales presentations alongside product data sheets designed to simplify complex technicalities for both executives and sales reps.

Project management tools and weekly check-ins ensured that everyone was aligned with the timelines and deliverables, fostering accountability.

Targeted Marketing & Product Information Dissemination

In-depth blogs and whitepapers explored the advantages and features of the new SDK, positioning it as a must-have for publishers who didn’t know how to monetize their mobile inventory. 

Focused sessions were held to dive into the technicalities, giving publishers firsthand experience of the new SDK.

Well-designed product data sheets were disseminated to the sales teams for effective conversations with potential adopters.

Scalability and Repeatable Success

Comprehensive guides and FAQs were developed to ensure developers could integrate the SDK with minimal friction, making it scalable.

 Mobilike actively participated in forums and community groups to understand developers’ needs better, aiming to iterate the SDK based on this feedback.

Geographic Expansion into Romania and Greece

Thorough market research uncovered opportunities among traditional publishers in Romania and Greece.

A strategic alliance with a local channel partner provided access to an extensive network of publishers.

This strategy bypassed initial market resistance, enabling rapid scaling in new geographies.

Launch of the New Product - Seamless

A standalone website was specifically created for the launch.

An informative video illustrated the SDK’s problem-solving capabilities.

Brochures and data sheets provided in-depth education to prospects at tradeshows and events.

Targeted email campaigns garnered significant interest from both large publishers and indie developers.

Weekly team blog posts, further amplified through strategic social media posts, fueled the inbound growth strategy and served as a thought leadership.

Achieving 65% Market Share in Turkey

Acquired by AdColony

Mobilike’s strategic importance grew with its rapid regional expansion, making it an attractive acquisition target. This culminated in its acquisition by AdColony, a global leader in mobile advertising.


Mobilike’s journey from a startup in Istanbul to a market leader with a 65% share in Turkey, and ultimately its acquisition by AdColony, exemplifies the power of a well-aligned revenue department. Through strategic partnerships, geographic expansion, and a focus on both ends of the customer spectrum, Mobilike has set a standard for how to navigate the complex landscape of mobile advertising. reputation. This cohesive approach, reflected in every stage from content creation to lead nurturing, exemplifies the holistic vision Omneky shares with its clients. The case presents a blueprint for any organization seeking to understand, engage, and grow within a competitive market.